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Current Projects

As indoor performance is prohibited during the pandemic, the Dance Ensemble has been pursuing alternatives. We're currently developing a set of site-specific works celebrating the seasons, to be performed outdoors in Sunnyvale's Las Palmas Park in spring 2021; performance date will be posted here.

Together with alumnae and guest artists, NCDE is producing its first-ever dance videos with original music commissioned from composer Mike Coffin. Walls and Windows is envisioned as a set of three videos exploring the limits and possibilities of our sheltered-in-place world:

Postponed from 2020 to 2021

NCDE's next full-length concert explores the full range of the animal kingdom with dances from the sublime to the ridiculous. Postponed by coronavirus, "Menagerie" is now tentatively scheduled for either July or October 2021; please check back for updates and tickets.

Postponed from 2020 to 2022
"Our House Is on Fire": Emma's Revolution with DanceVisions

For the fifth collaboration between folk duo Emma's Revolution and Laura Zweig's multigenerational dance group, NCDE has been commissioned to choreograph and appear in the title work. Natasha Carlitz and dancers Gabriella Bruno and Crystal Valdez have collaborated to create a modern/hip-hop dance for social justice. Originally scheduled for March 2020, this performance has been postponed to 2022 because of coronavirus-related public health orders.
Cubberley Theatre, Palo Alto

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