Zann Aeck
Jill Antonides
Kerry Aradhya
Helena Birecki
Bekah Brandt
Natasha Carlitz
Jenn Eaton
Mary Forrest
Elena Grindley
Christie Hicks
Karen McWilliams
Rachel Mudge
Erika Tingey
Laura Zweig
Natasha Carlitz founded her Dance Ensemble in 2005 to bring her athletic and sometimes quirky movement to audiences throughout the Bay Area. The company performs dynamic modern dance choreography based on themes ranging from abstract mathematical concepts to the physical puzzles posed by restrictive or playful props. The Dance Ensemble is currently seeking experienced dancers; please email for information about auditions.

High Release Dance was founded in 1994 by a group of modern dancers seeking to pursue their own artistic visions and performance opportunities in a collaborative environment while still having time for families, careers, and other pursuits. High Release is unique in that the group has no director, but works as a completely democratic organization in which each member has equal voice and contributes her particular talents.

small tube dancers

tickets: 415-345-7575 |
$21 | $12 children under 12 | $3 off advance purchases
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