People are saying...:

  • "...breathtaking show... with a spirit of enthusiasm, romance and joy... resonated with a sense of ecstasy and challenge." — Rania Khallaf, Al-Ahram Weekly, Cairo, Egypt [full article]
  • "Serious and graceful work... displays creativity and talent that are worth seeing... One of the really successful features of Carlitz' work is that the selected music and choreography fit so well together." — Michael Phelan, [full article]
  • "Watching this dance for the first time, all I could think and feel was... if the opening of this dance were shown to all the young girls in elementary schools, every one would want to be a dancer when she grows up." — Jim Tobin, [full article]
  • "This is a trim, well-drilled modern troupe with fluid lines... [The] sense of ensemble unity is extraordinary..." — Paul Hertelendy, [full article]
  • "Whimsy and color... often light-hearted..." — Rebecca Wallace, Palo Alto Weekly [full article]
  • "...strength of quirky movement..." — Mary Ellen Hunt, Ballet-Dance Magazine
  • "Proof that creativity knows no bounds..." — Gary Masters, sjDanceCo