The Episodic Alice

Vignettes from "Alice in Wonderland"

  • Down the Rabbit-Hole: Skeewiff, "Down the Rabbit-Hole"
  • Falling: Carl Orff: "Wordless Song"
  • Enter the Rabbit: Claude Bolling: "Poursuite Automobiles"
  • Alice & Rabbit: Claude Bolling: "La Polka des Demoiselles du VĂ©sinet"
  • The Caucus-Race: Skeewiff, "A Caucus Race"
  • Mushroom Sans Caterpillar: Hideyo Moriya/California Guitar Trio, "Komorebi"
  • The Cheshire Cat: Daniel Berkman, "The Cheshire Cat"
  • Laying the Table: Spike Jones, "William Tell Overture"
  • A Mad Tea-Party: Claude Bolling, "Suite for Jazz Piano and Cello Trio - Cello Fan"
  • The Lobster Quadrille: Jacques Offenbach, "La Vie Parisienne - Quadrille"
  • Will You Won't You: Louis Armstrong, "Ory's Creole Trombone"
  • Jabberwocky: Natasha Carlitz & Mike Coffin, "Jabberwocky" (lyrics by Lewis Carroll) - sung by Keyla Zorzella
  • Painting the Roses: California Guitar Trio, "Cantharis"
  • In the Rose-Garden: Penguin Cafe Orchestra, "Oscar Tango"
  • Announcing the Queen: Carl Orff, "Riddles" & "Recorder and Timpani"
  • Flamingo Bop: Claude Bolling, "Tiger Shimmy"
  • The Queen's Croquet Ground: Gypsy Jazz Caravan, "Sinister Amusement"
  • Afterword: Double Bass in Wonderland, "The Lobster Quadrille"
  • May 2018, Zohar Performance Space, Palo Alto: DanceVisions' Arts in the Making (excerpt)
  • February 2018, Dance Mission, San Francisco: Spring Forward Choreographers' Showcase (excerpt)
  • November 2017, Zohar Performance Space, Palo Alto: DanceVisions' Points of View (excerpt)
  • October 2017, Z Space, San Francisco: The Episodic Alice