choreographed for High Release Dance, formerly titled "Surface Tension"

Dark and light, fast and intense, an investigation of the mutability of the mercurial temperament and properties of the silvery element.

  • Vangelis, "Dial Out" & "Pulstar"
  • October 2014, Cowell Theater, San Francisco: Momentum
  • June 2014, Dance Mission, San Francisco: Momentum (preview)
  • September 2002, San Jose City College: Linear Transformations: The Choreography of Natasha Carlitz 1998-2002
  • September 2001, San Jose City College: San Jose City College Choregraphers' Collective
  • June 2001, Cubberley Theatre, Palo Alto: High Release Dance in Concert
  • June 1999, San Jose State University: High Release Dance in Concert (excerpt)