A tender, quirky duet in which anthropomorphic creatures connect, disengage, and play together.

  • Franz Schubert, Impromptu No. 3 in G-flat Major, D 899 / Op. 90
  • October 2021, Cubberley Theatre, Palo Alto: Menagerie
  • March 2013, Dance Mission, San Francisco: New Winter Choreographers' Showcase
  • April 2011, Western Ballet, Mountain View: National Dance Week Celebration
  • April 2011, ODC Theater, San Francisco: Orff Beet
  • March 2011, Stage Dor, Sausalito: Choreographers' Showcase
  • June 2010, Sayed Darwish Theater, Alexandria, Egypt: Egyptian International Modern Dance Festival
  • June 2010, Gomhouria Theater, Cairo, Egypt: Egyptian International Modern Dance Festival
  • May 2009, DanceVisions, Palo Alto: DanceVisions' Arts in the Making
  • January 2009, Cowell Theater, San Francisco: Time Flies (when you're having fun)