Tempus Fugit

Classically beautiful meditation on time, encompassing "Du Temps Perdu," an elegaic slow movement in which the dancers investigate their relationships with a shared past, and "Movement in Present Tense," a lively celebration of making the most of the time we have. Named one of the "Top 5 Emotional Dance Moments 2011" by Bay Area Dance Watch. For my father.

  • Ludwig van Beethoven, Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61: II: Larghetto; III: Rondo - Allegro
  • March 2019, Cubberley Theatre, Palo Alto: Metamorphoses (excerpt)
  • April 2011, ODC Theater, San Francisco: Orff Beet
  • June 2010, Sayed Darwish Theater, Alexandria, Egypt: Egyptian International Modern Dance Festival
  • June 2010, Gomhouria Theater, Cairo, Egypt: Egyptian International Modern Dance Festival
  • January 2010, Cowell Theater, San Francisco: Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble Season
  • September 2009, Stage Dor, Sausalito: Choreographers' Showcase (excerpt)
  • January 2009, Cowell Theater, San Francisco: Time Flies (when you're having fun)
  • February 2008, Cubberley Theatre, Palo Alto: DanceVisions' 15th Anniversary Concert (excerpt)
  • March 2007, DanceVisions, Palo Alto: DanceVisions' Mirror of Life (excerpt)