Three haunting solos: Luna, Amor, and Eclipse. "There was daring in 'Triptych,' three different devotional solos showing off, improbably, the dancers' backs..." — critic Paul Hertelendy

  • Carl Orff, selections from "Carmina Burana" & "Catulli Carmina"
  • January 2012, Camp Lotus, American River: private wedding (excerpt)
  • November 2011, DanceVisions, Palo Alto: DanceVisions' Points of View (excerpt)
  • April 2011, ODC Theater, San Francisco: Orff Beet
  • June 2010, Sayed Darwish Theater, Alexandria, Egypt: Egyptian International Modern Dance Festival
  • June 2010, Gomhouria Theater, Cairo, Egypt: Egyptian International Modern Dance Festival
  • April 2009, The Garage, San Francisco: Constructed Conceptions: A Choreographers' Showcase
  • January 2009, Cowell Theater, San Francisco: Time Flies (when you're having fun)